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“Fight Like Mike”

Our current promotion for the months of February & March is the SLHC will be donating $10 from every new application to the “Fight Like Mike” campaign, to help out Sylvan Lake’s Arthur family.  Plus each application will be entered in a draw for a Free Week’s Tuition and Accommodation!  For more information, please click this link:  http://www.sylvanlakehockeycamp.com/news/fight-like-mike/

2015 Dates have been added.

Detailed session changes/updates will follow.

As we go past our 40th year and our first in the Sylvan Lake Multiplex, we have taken time to reflect  and take a nostalgic look back on the literally hundreds of people and events that have shaped who we are and what we do. As well how, with the dramatic turn of events when our arena collapsed, things change fast and how we adapt to that change is so very important.

Thrust into new surroundings, the summer of 2014 was a challenge that we are very proud to have transitioned very successfully. What we lacked in our traditional setup was made up in modern facilities that afforded us additional training opportunities. And with construction slated to begin in the spring of 2015 on our new $30 million Nexsource Center, we can feel a long sought after vision coming true. A vision of the SLHC in a truly “state of the art” training facility, where all of our on and off ice programming can take place in one location, under one roof. Plus, we’ll still be located 2 blocks from the beach to ensure we don’t lose the one tradition that sets us apart… summer fun!

To get to that spot in our programming, we will continue with the third year of our ongoing commitment to provide the latest in proper age appropriate, skill specific training, all in accordance with Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model .

To further expand the knowledge of LTPD, our “Coach Leadership Development Program” will move into its 2nd year where we engage local minor hockey coaches from Minor Hockey Associations interested in learning about this very important initiative.

For more information on these and other programs offered, simply click on the “About Us” tab at the top of this page an go to Our Programs.

Exciting New Camp Dates for Jasper, August 16 – August 22, 2015.
As we move into our 20th year we are very excited to be able to seize the opportunity to move the Jasper Camp date to August 2015. It has been a long-awaited goal to move the dates, which are August 16 to August 22, 2015. This allows our students to better prepare for the upcoming season as it is significantly closer to the 2015/16 start-up dates. It also aligns with our continued emphasis on educating as many participants as possible to Hockey Alberta’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) initiative which is based on age appropriate skill set development. For further information on our LTPD program, simply click on the “About U”s tab at the top of this page and follow the link to “Our Programs”.

To access more specific information on our Jasper Camp, go to the “Sessions tab”, once again at the top of this page, and follow the JHC link.
Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact our office at any time.

Graham Parsons

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SLHC Development Initiative

The Beginning…

In 2013 Hockey Alberta and the Sylvan Lake/Jasper Hockey Camps entered into a pilot project to evaluate the possibilities of Hockey Alberta partnering with private operators who currently deliver off season development as long as they do so in accordance with Hockey Alberta and Hockey Canada’s Long Term Player Development Program’s” goals and aspirations. The success of that “pilot project” has firmly entrenched that vision and values into the SLHC and JHC player and coach development program.

What Does That Mean?

In 2011 Hockey Alberta started investigating the possibility and effects of expanding their off season development programs from their “Program of Excellence”, which targets elite athletes 14 years and up, to a more grassroots approach. It was determined that the membership of HA wanted some form of shoulder season programming. It was also determined that it was happening in environments that were not in keeping with Hockey Canada’s LTPD program which very specifically outlines the process of proper age specific player development.

Read all about our Long Term Player Development Initiative

What Others Say

The Sylvan Lake Hockey camp has put this town on the map!  Hope its here for long term as so many visitors comment on how great it is .  Awesome !!

I attended a few hockey camps every summer.  The one that stands our for me the most was the Sylvan Lake Hockey School.  I’m from St. Albert, AB.  Sylvan Lake was about an hour and a half away and my grandpa would take to the school for the week and we would camp there.

The school stands out to me because they not only taught on ice and had plenty of instructors, but had off ice teaching about hockey skills as well.  I also liked that at the end of the week of skill they broke us up and had one final “big” game where we played.  Most of all it was the time I got to spend camping with my family that I enjoyed the most.